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Nextcloud/ownCloud Mail v0.6 released – with alias support

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We worked hard during the Nextcloud Conference to get version 0.6 of the Mail app ready! 😎

It is now possible to add aliases to your email accounts! This feature was implemented by our GSOC student Tahaa Karim. He also worked on Signature support which is far but not yet merged. If someone wants this feature any help is appreciated.

The most recent version of the Mail app only works on ownCloud 9.1 and Nextcloud 10. Older installations need to use version 0.5.3. As most of the Mail developers have moved to Nextcloud, extensive testing only happens there. We also moved our git repository to the Nextcloud organisation, and the app version 0.6.0 was built from the code there.

It has already been uploaded to the ownCloud app store and can also be downloaded from Github.

Here is the 0.6 changelog:


  • Alias support @tahaalibra
  • New incoming messages are prefetched @ChristophWurst
  • Custom app folder support @juliushaertl
  • Improved search @ChristophWurst
  • Scroll to refresh @ChristophWurst
  • Shortcuts to star and mark messages as unread @ChristophWurst
  • Shortcuts to select previous/next messsage @ChristophWurst


  • Minimum server is Nextcloud 10/ownCloud 9.1 #84 @ChristophWurst
  • Use session storage instead of local storage for client-side cache @ChristophWurst
  • When deleting the current message, the next one is selected immediatelly @ChristophWurst


  • Client error while composing a new message @ChristophWurst
  • Delay app start until page has finished loading @ChristophWurst
  • Auto-redirection of HTML mail links @ChristophWurst
  • Update folder counters when reading/deleting messages

Special thanks goes out to your testing member plastikschnitzer!✌️ If you wanna help test new Mail releases, just drop us a message or leave a comment.