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Nextcloud 13 release party - Stuttgart

1 min read

Part of the Nextcloud team will celebrate the release of Nextcloud 13. We’re organizing a meetup with some talks and hacking!

Let’s meet Tuesday, February 13, 7:00 PM at Nextcloud GmbH / Struktur AG, Kronenstr. 22a, Stuttgart (Just ring at Nextcloud/Struktur AG). If you are on you can RSVP.

We will have a short intro to Nextcloud and what’s new for version 13. How upgrades work, and if there is interest how updates.

And since Nextcloud is open source, after that we’ll show you how to contribute. So please bring your laptop! :)

Whether you are a designer or developer, come join in and make the open web better! Everyone is welcome! Bring your friends and spread the word.