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Portknox Update September

1 min read

Deck app added

You can now activate the kanban style organization tool within your cloud.

Mail update v0.7.3

The Mail app was updated to version 0.7.3 read here about the big features. At Portknox we use this app to answer your customers :P

As usual we use Canary Deployments and first update only a few clouds, we will increase the number within the next days. 

Our applist is already updated, you can see all changed app versions there.

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Portknox Update Mai

1 min read

Collabora Online with clouds

Collabora Online is a powerful LibreOffice-based online office suite with collaborative editing. Within the next few days you will be able to order Collabora Online in our online shop.

 if you want to learn more about Collabora Online check out this video:

Nextcloud 12

We have already started working on the upgrade to Nextcloud 12, soon all new customers will get this latest version installed. As always all existing customers will be updated to Nextcloud 12, we plan to finish the upgrade process within June.

If you want to stay updated with news from, subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on TwitterFacebook / Google.

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Portknox Update April

1 min read

Nextcloud update v11.0.3

Within the next few days all Portknox clouds are updated to Nextcloud 11.0.3. Read about the changes here.

Calendar update v1.5.2

This are the most important fixes:

  • advanced color-picker #4
  • support for Internet Explorer 11 #329
  • added second step for deleting calendars #341

As usual we use Canary Deployments and first update only a few clouds, we will increase the number within the next days. 

Our applist is already updated, you can see all changed app versions there.

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Portknox Update March

2 min read

 Two Factor U2F added

Portknox u2f auth

Its now possible to activate Two Factor Authentication with U2F devices like the Yubikey. Another way to further secure you cloud. Please read documentation before app activation.

Tasks updated to 0.9.5

This minor update fixes some bugs with Nextcloud 11. Here is the full changelog.

Two Factor TOTP updated to 1.1.0

Polishing and some minor fixes. Here is the full changelog.

Please note that we update customer clouds in batches, if your cloud does not have the new apps yet, give us some more days :)

Nextcloud update 11.0.2

We are happy that all customer clouds have been updated to Nextcloud 11. At Portknox every single customer has his or her own installation (with own domain / url) which is much safer than only having an account in a big shared instance (which is what most of the other providers do). Even if keeping all of the clouds up-to-date takes more effort - it's worth it! The Nextcloud security scan rates Portknox clouds with A+, the highest score achievable:


Always up2date applist

At our applist you can see which app in which version is installed on Portknox. We now automated the way our applist is generated, after every Nextcloud or app update the list gets regenerated. Right now its possible to activate 36 apps!

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Portknox Update February

1 min read

Direct Menu added

This top rated app provides easy access to all apps in the header. Go to your apps menu, activate it and give it a try. (There are plans to add this menu directly into Nextcloud core.)

Contacts update v1.5.3

This minor update brings back the addressbook export. Here is the full changelog.

Calender update v1.5.0

My most used app gets many UX improvments and bugfixes. Check the full changelog.

Nextcloud update 10.0.3

We are updating Nextcloud to version 10.0.3 (changelog) which is a requirement for your upgrade to Nextcloud 11. As usual we slowly update all clouds, by the end of next week all clouds should be up2date.

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ownCloud, Nextcloud and the hosting provider

2 min read


As many of you have already noticed, Frank Karlitschek has started a fork of ownCloud called Nextcloud and started bootstraping a new firm around it - the Nextcloud GmbH.

Many customers have asked us what this means for - the hosting provider and partner. Actually, we have not decided yet whether to stay with ownCloud or switch to Nextcloud and we will take the time it needs to make the right decision.

Nextcloud is planned as a drop-in replacement, this means it is possible to migrate to it from ownCloud later on. Right now we will not change anything, instead we finish the migration of all customers to ownCloud 9, which is the perfect base for a switch to Nextcloud. But we will decide at some point as it does not make sense to support or ship two different cloud systems. We stay specialized, focused and up-to-date, to provide the best solution for our customers.

I am sure we will make the right decision, as I know most of the developers from ownCloud and Nextcloud personally. Furthermore we are deeply involved and follow the progress of both projects.

Let's see what happens and hope competition is a good thing!

ownCloud Mail v0.5 released - With .ics event import

1 min read


Another major ownCloud Mail release, another blog post. Biggest new feature is the reworked attachment section with .ics event import. It has already been uploaded to the ownCloud app store and can also be downloaded from Github.

Here is the 0.5 changelog:


  • Ability to import ics attachments into the calendar @ChristophWurst


  • Bring back menu toggle button for mobile @ChristophWurst
  • Narrow address collector column width to 255 for compatibility with MySql/InnoDB @drfuture
  • Don't send messages in flowed text format @ChristophWurst
  • Show first folder of an account incase of invalid folder id @tahaalibra


How to manage todo.txt with ownCloud

2 min read

Because it's so flawless and easy to setup I want to share my Todo.txt & ownCloud setup I use every day.

Todo.txt is task tracking in a simple txt file you control. A set of simple rules help you get organized and there are several apps for all kind of devices.

Because no one should know what I want to do next or what I have done, it's important for me to host myself. The official Todo.txt apps for iOS and Android are no option, they only work with dropbox.

So here is how I host my own Todo.txt in ownCloud and how I keep it in sync with all of my devices:

On my workstation and laptop (which run with Linux), I use the Todo.txt Command Line tool, for me it's the fastest and most effective way. The ownCloud Sync-Clients do the hard work and keep the files up-to-date:


This just works, never had a conflict or outdated files. Configured one time and ready to work.

On my Android Phone I use FolderSync Lite together with Simpletask Cloudless. I choose FolderSync over the ownCloud Android Clients because it does not use that much battery (maybe it's better now). I use scheduling of 2 h which works good for me, on my phone I don’t need instant sync.

Simpletask Cloudless accesses just the todo.txt on your phone (synced by FolderSync):


Because todo.txt is just a plain text file, it can also be easily managed within ownCloud web interface and the texteditor app.

Now Get Things Done!

Further improvements to HTTPS encryption for PortKnox clouds

1 min read

Improving the infrastructure and increasing the security for PortKnox and the hosted clouds is an ongoing task. The last days we've accomplished another milestone. New customers will already get the best HTTPS encryption with a SSLab Rating of A+:

Portknox SSL Labs

Existing clouds will be migrated to the new setup during the next weeks, there will be no downtime or interruption. Advantages of the new setup are a faster response to vulnerability and updates. Furthermore, Forward Secrecy is now enabled, which makes it impossible to decrypt the HTTP transfer, even if the private key is stolen from our servers.

Please note that the Internet Explorer on Windows XP does not support this high security configuration. You should therefore update your system as soon as possible.

Erstes ownCloud User Meeting in München

1 min read

ownCloud_beerDas erste ownCloud User Treffen in München: Am Mittwoch, 29.1.2014 treffen wir uns um 19 Uhr im Gasthaus "Goldener Hirsch" (Renatastraße 35, 80634 München) zum gemütlichen Austausch zu allen ownCloud-Themen. Wir haben den großen Tisch ganz rechts reserviert, haltet Ausschau nach ownCloud T-Shirts! :)

Das ownCloud User Meeting findet bei Interesse künftig monatlich statt und zwar jeden letzten Mittwoch im Monat. Bei jedem Meeting soll es ein Haupt-Thema geben, diese Themen wurden schon vorgeschlagen:

Falls du selber etwas vortragen oder zeigen willst, sprich uns einfach an!

Die Termine und Locations werden wir über Techism bekannt geben, über diesen Link kann man auf dem Laufenden bleiben.

Wir freuen uns auf das erste Treffen!