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Portknox Update August

2 min read

Nextcloud update 13.0.5

We started rolling out the 13.0.5 update, maybe it will be the last update before Nextcloud 14.

Added Previewgenerator

We added the Previewgenerator app, to improve the speed of gallery and mobile clients. Right now it is not activated on all clouds as we test the impact on our servers, we will post more on this topic soon.

Deck update 0.4.1

See this bigger updates:

  • Attach files to cards
  • Embed attachments into the card description
  • Color picker to use any color value for board and labels
  • Support for checkboxes inside the description
  • occ command to export user data as JSON


Read more about the update in the Nextcloud news.

Music update 0.8.0

Improved performance on many levels, check the huge changlog for details.

Talk update 3.2.5

This maintance relase fixes many problems, be sure to check out the updated mobile clients for iOS or Android

Contacts update 2.1.5

This smaller update fixes many sorting errors.

Calendar update 1.6.1

Import, visual and timezone fixes.

Mail update v0.8.3

 Here are some bigger changes and fixes:

  • Advanced search
  • Preserve URI hash in sanitized HTML messages
  • Pagination of incoming messages
  • Folder sorting

Whats next?

We already working on the Nextcloud 14 update, which will be relased later this month, there will be a updated status report posted soon.

Also the Nextcloud conf is happing soon in Berlin, its the best way to get involved and learn about Nextcloud. Come join us!

Always up2date applist

At our applist you can see which app in which version is installed on Portknox. We have now automated the way our applist is generated, after every Nextcloud or app update the list gets regenerated. Right now it's possible to activate 44 apps!

Learn about

The ownCloud conf and Mail app - a report

2 min read

Mail App table on the conf

During the ownCloud Conf which took place last week in Berlin we released version 0.2 of the ownCloud Mail to

The new features are:

  • Unified inbox
  • Client-side caching for better performance
  • Ability to forward emails
  • Inline reply
  • Attachments on replies
  • Mobile support

The next weeks we will work on version 0.3 which will be about refactoring, cleanup, focusing on fixing bugs and getting the release more stable.

During the ownCloud conf we made HUGE improvements:

  • We cleaned up all JS files and harmonized the Code Style with JSCS
  • We introduced RequireJS and Bower
  • Most of the code has been refactored to a Backbone Marionette App
  • Images blocked by default, can be loaded on request
  • We moved to Revealing JS Modules
  • We added Jasmin tests with the Karma runner. Basic tests for views and modules are already there
  • We moved our PHP templates to JS handlebar templates (including translations)
  • All tests and style / syntax checks are executed by Travis

Whoever wants to join the Mail app team is welcome, and the best is: you don’t have to be a developer. We need people for translating, testing etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us on IRC or jump in and clone the repository.