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Portknox Update August

2 min read

Nextcloud update 13.0.5

We started rolling out the 13.0.5 update, maybe it will be the last update before Nextcloud 14.

Added Previewgenerator

We added the Previewgenerator app, to improve the speed of gallery and mobile clients. Right now it is not activated on all clouds as we test the impact on our servers, we will post more on this topic soon.

Deck update 0.4.1

See this bigger updates:

  • Attach files to cards
  • Embed attachments into the card description
  • Color picker to use any color value for board and labels
  • Support for checkboxes inside the description
  • occ command to export user data as JSON


Read more about the update in the Nextcloud news.

Music update 0.8.0

Improved performance on many levels, check the huge changlog for details.

Talk update 3.2.5

This maintance relase fixes many problems, be sure to check out the updated mobile clients for iOS or Android

Contacts update 2.1.5

This smaller update fixes many sorting errors.

Calendar update 1.6.1

Import, visual and timezone fixes.

Mail update v0.8.3

 Here are some bigger changes and fixes:

  • Advanced search
  • Preserve URI hash in sanitized HTML messages
  • Pagination of incoming messages
  • Folder sorting

Whats next?

We already working on the Nextcloud 14 update, which will be relased later this month, there will be a updated status report posted soon.

Also the Nextcloud conf is happing soon in Berlin, its the best way to get involved and learn about Nextcloud. Come join us!

Always up2date applist

At our applist you can see which app in which version is installed on Portknox. We have now automated the way our applist is generated, after every Nextcloud or app update the list gets regenerated. Right now it's possible to activate 44 apps!

Learn about

How to add automatic nightly builds to your Nextcloud app

2 min read

For two years Portknox has been hosting the nightly builds for several Nextcloud apps. As we have to move to a newer server, I'll take the chance to document the nightly creation process. So, if you want to add nightly builds to your app here is a full automated and low-maintenance process. In case you need help or a place to save the builds just send us an email. We are happy to help!


- if [[ "$NIGHTLY" = "TRUE" ]]; then curl --ftp-create-dirs -T /home/travis/build/nextcloud/core/apps/contacts/build/artifacts/appstore/calendar.tar.gz -u $FTP_LOGIN:$FTP_PW$(date +%Y-%m-%d).tar.gz; fi

Cron Job on the nightly server:


# create structure
mkdir -p $ARCHIVE

# move directories in the current directory older than 14 days to archive
find $DATA -maxdepth 1 -type d -mtime +14 -exec mv {} $ARCHIVE \;

# delete data in archive
find $ARCHIVE -type d -mtime +90 -exec rm -rf {} \;

# Prepare curl request
body='{ "request": { "message": "Nightly build", "branch":"master", "config": { "env": { "matrix": ["DB=sqlite CORE_BRANCH=master TEST_JS=FALSE PHP_COVERAGE=FALSE PACKAGE=TRUE NIGHTLY=TRUE"] }, "php": ["7"], "matrix": { "fast_finish": false } } }}'
# Trigger nightly build curl -s -X POST \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -H "Accept: application/json" \ -H "Travis-API-Version: 3" \ -H "Authorization: token <Insert token>" \ -d "$body" \

Here are the related pull requests for Calendar and Contacts.

Portknox Update Oktober

2 min read

QOwnNotesAPI added

One of the most requested addons is the advanced API for QOwnNotes. As soon as you enable the API in your Portknox cloud, you are able to use versioning and access to your trashed notes. Here is a screenshot of the QOwnNotes desktop app (it works on all plattforms):

On mobile devices you can use CloudNotes (iOS) or Notes (Android).

Contacts update to 2.0.1

The 2.0 relase brings impressive performance to the Contacts app. The inital loading is really fast now, furthermore contacts are only loaded if needed, which makes the app even more speedy. 

It is also now possible to sort by names (can be found in the settings):

There are many more improvements, check out the release notes.

Calendar update to 1.5.6

This minor update fixes bugs with timezones, UI and the sharing. Here is the full changelog.

Deck update to 1.2.4

Another minor update with UI and bug fixes.

Nextcloud update 12.0.3

All clouds will get the update to the most recent maintenance release.

Please note that we update customer clouds in batches, if your cloud does not have the new apps yet, give us some more days :)

Always up2date applist

At our applist you can see which app in which version is installed on Portknox. We have now automated the way our applist is generated, after every Nextcloud or app update the list gets regenerated. Right now it's possible to activate 43 apps!

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Portknox Update April

1 min read

Nextcloud update v11.0.3

Within the next few days all Portknox clouds are updated to Nextcloud 11.0.3. Read about the changes here.

Calendar update v1.5.2

This are the most important fixes:

  • advanced color-picker #4
  • support for Internet Explorer 11 #329
  • added second step for deleting calendars #341

As usual we use Canary Deployments and first update only a few clouds, we will increase the number within the next days. 

Our applist is already updated, you can see all changed app versions there.

Learn about

ownCloud Mail v0.5 released - With .ics event import

1 min read


Another major ownCloud Mail release, another blog post. Biggest new feature is the reworked attachment section with .ics event import. It has already been uploaded to the ownCloud app store and can also be downloaded from Github.

Here is the 0.5 changelog:


  • Ability to import ics attachments into the calendar @ChristophWurst


  • Bring back menu toggle button for mobile @ChristophWurst
  • Narrow address collector column width to 255 for compatibility with MySql/InnoDB @drfuture
  • Don't send messages in flowed text format @ChristophWurst
  • Show first folder of an account incase of invalid folder id @tahaalibra