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Security issue phuip-fpizdam does not effect Portknox clouds

1 min read

Nextcloud has published that there is a security issue within some Nextcloud configurations. We have immediately tested the published exploit on our infrastructure. All clouds on Portknox are safe.

We even have tested other Nextcloud providers and found out that they might be vulnerable. We have already informed all of them about the possible security risk.


We are at the Plone conference - support answers might take a little longer

1 min read

We are at the Plone Conference this year. Therefore, it might take us a little longer to answer support questions this week.

Many Portknox systems are powered by Plone like the website and the backend. Plone has an outstanding security track record and is therefore a perfect fit for Portknox.


Gegen Upload-Filter und Leistungsschutzrecht - Portknox unterstützt offenen Brief von Nextcloud an das Europäische Parlament

1 min read

article13 uploadfilter

Ende März stimmt das EU-Parlament über ein neues EU-Urheberrecht ab. Problematisch: Mit Artikel 11 und 13 sind große Einschränkungen für User und Plattformen im Internet geplant.

Artikel 13 besagt, dass Betreiber von Internetplattformen künftig im Voraus jedes von Nutzern hochgeladene Bild, jede Tonaufnahme und jedes Video prüfen müssen und wenn eine Urheberrechtsverletzung vorliegt, nicht hochladen dürfen.


Arzikel 11 bezieht sich auf das Leistungsschutzrecht für Verlage. Im Moment gilt das Urheberrecht für ganze Artikel. Künftig sollen auch Linkvorschauen und Textausschnitte lizenzpflichtig sein.


Den offenen Brief von Nextcloud könnt ihr hier nachlesen und unterstützen:

Neues Feature "Portknox Cloud Backup" ab jetzt verfügbar

1 min read

Einige Kunden wünschten sich ein umfangreicheres Backup ihrer Daten und mehr Kontrolle über ihre Portknox Cloud. Da jede Cloud eine eigene Installation ist, kamen wir auf die Idee, die komplette Datenbank in den Dateien-Bereich des Kunden abzuspeichern.

Neue Kunden haben schon jetzt den Ordner "PortknoxBackup", bestehende Kunden müssen ihn nur anlegen. In diesem Ordner wird dann nächtlich das SQL Backup automatisch abgeleget.

Mehr Informationen findet ihr in der entsprechenden Anleitung.

Portknox Update August

2 min read

Nextcloud update 13.0.5

We started rolling out the 13.0.5 update, maybe it will be the last update before Nextcloud 14.

Added Previewgenerator

We added the Previewgenerator app, to improve the speed of gallery and mobile clients. Right now it is not activated on all clouds as we test the impact on our servers, we will post more on this topic soon.

Deck update 0.4.1

See this bigger updates:

  • Attach files to cards
  • Embed attachments into the card description
  • Color picker to use any color value for board and labels
  • Support for checkboxes inside the description
  • occ command to export user data as JSON


Read more about the update in the Nextcloud news.

Music update 0.8.0

Improved performance on many levels, check the huge changlog for details.

Talk update 3.2.5

This maintance relase fixes many problems, be sure to check out the updated mobile clients for iOS or Android

Contacts update 2.1.5

This smaller update fixes many sorting errors.

Calendar update 1.6.1

Import, visual and timezone fixes.

Mail update v0.8.3

 Here are some bigger changes and fixes:

  • Advanced search
  • Preserve URI hash in sanitized HTML messages
  • Pagination of incoming messages
  • Folder sorting

Whats next?

We already working on the Nextcloud 14 update, which will be relased later this month, there will be a updated status report posted soon.

Also the Nextcloud conf is happing soon in Berlin, its the best way to get involved and learn about Nextcloud. Come join us!

Always up2date applist

At our applist you can see which app in which version is installed on Portknox. We have now automated the way our applist is generated, after every Nextcloud or app update the list gets regenerated. Right now it's possible to activate 44 apps!

Learn about

How to add automatic nightly builds to your Nextcloud app

2 min read

For two years Portknox has been hosting the nightly builds for several Nextcloud apps. As we have to move to a newer server, I'll take the chance to document the nightly creation process. So, if you want to add nightly builds to your app here is a full automated and low-maintenance process. In case you need help or a place to save the builds just send us an email. We are happy to help!


- if [[ "$NIGHTLY" = "TRUE" ]]; then curl --ftp-create-dirs -T /home/travis/build/nextcloud/core/apps/contacts/build/artifacts/appstore/calendar.tar.gz -u $FTP_LOGIN:$FTP_PW$(date +%Y-%m-%d).tar.gz; fi

Cron Job on the nightly server:


# create structure
mkdir -p $ARCHIVE

# move directories in the current directory older than 14 days to archive
find $DATA -maxdepth 1 -type d -mtime +14 -exec mv {} $ARCHIVE \;

# delete data in archive
find $ARCHIVE -type d -mtime +90 -exec rm -rf {} \;

# Prepare curl request
body='{ "request": { "message": "Nightly build", "branch":"master", "config": { "env": { "matrix": ["DB=sqlite CORE_BRANCH=master TEST_JS=FALSE PHP_COVERAGE=FALSE PACKAGE=TRUE NIGHTLY=TRUE"] }, "php": ["7"], "matrix": { "fast_finish": false } } }}'
# Trigger nightly build curl -s -X POST \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -H "Accept: application/json" \ -H "Travis-API-Version: 3" \ -H "Authorization: token <Insert token>" \ -d "$body" \

Here are the related pull requests for Calendar and Contacts.

Portknox Update May - Collabora Server Update

1 min read

Update: There is a note for existing users below (gray screen problem).

We have just set live our updated Collabora server, all users who have booked the Collabora Online Addon can benefit from many new features. Here is a list of some, you can find many more in the linked blog posts from Collabora below:


  • Interactive horizontal ruler
  • Insert header and footer
  • Implemented Chart creation:


  • Outlining and row/column grouping
  • Column filters, AutoFilter
  • Support for chart data series editing
  • Data Validation in Calc
  • Support for hidden tabs in Calc:


  • Document repair from Writer is now available here as well
  • Ability to reply to comments

Installed Version on

To get a full overview about the Collabora Update read this postthis post and this.

Note for existing users:

If the Collabora screen does not open and you see just a gray window, please go the Collabora Settings and just safe the form again, this resets the cache.

Learn about

Portknox Update March

2 min read

Nextcloud 13 is here (in fact 13.0.1)

Early this month we finished migration of all Portknox clouds to Nextcloud 13 and with it nearly all apps have got an update. As you can see in our applist, Portknox now offers 41 supported apps.

Nextcloud Talk

One of the biggest enhancements is Nextcloud Talk which adds video & audio-conferencing to Nextcloud.

 Nextcloud Talk at

Please note that you will need a TURN server to communicate with users behind routers or firewalls. We offer an addon which is easy to setup.

End-to-end Encryption

Nextcloud 13 also adds a feature for client side encryption as a tech preview. We will test and follow the progress closely. Right now we don't ship this app to our customers, but it looks as if we will soon.

Whats next at Portknox?

Right now we are migrating clouds to our improved infrastructure. As every Portknox cloud is self-contained and isolated this needs to be done from time to time. We have done this in past, too.

Get your Nextcloud free for 14 days

If you want to test your own up2date Nextcloud you can now try for 14 days. 

Learn about

Nextcloud 13 release party - Stuttgart

1 min read

Part of the Nextcloud team will celebrate the release of Nextcloud 13. We’re organizing a meetup with some talks and hacking!

Let’s meet Tuesday, February 13, 7:00 PM at Nextcloud GmbH / Struktur AG, Kronenstr. 22a, Stuttgart (Just ring at Nextcloud/Struktur AG). If you are on you can RSVP.

We will have a short intro to Nextcloud and what’s new for version 13. How upgrades work, and if there is interest how updates.

And since Nextcloud is open source, after that we’ll show you how to contribute. So please bring your laptop! :)

Whether you are a designer or developer, come join in and make the open web better! Everyone is welcome! Bring your friends and spread the word.

Portknox Update Januar

1 min read

Preparing for Nextcloud 13

Nextcloud 13 is just some days away with great new features. At Portknox we are already working on the upgrade.

Nextcloud update 12.0.5

We have already updated Nextcloud to version 12.0.5 (changelog) which is a requirement for our upgrade to Nextcloud 13. Furthermore these apps have been updated:

  • Calender to v1.5.0
  • Notes to v2.3.2
  • Richdocuments to v1.12.40
  • Deck to v0.3.0
  • Mail to v0.7.9

Get your Nextcloud free for 14 days

If you want to test your own up2date Nextcloud you can now try for 14 days. 

Learn about