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Portknox Update March

1 min read

Nextcloud 13 is here (in fact 13.0.1)

Early this month we finished migration of all Portknox clouds to Nextcloud 13 and with it nearly all apps have got an update. As you can see in our applist, Portknox now offers 41 supported apps.

Nextcloud Talk

One of the biggest enhancements is Nextcloud Talk which adds video & audio-conferencing to Nextcloud.

 Nextcloud Talk at

Please note that you will need a TURN server to communicate with users behind routers or firewalls. We offer an addon which is easy to setup.

End-to-end Encryption

Nextcloud 13 also adds a feature for client side encryption as a tech preview. We will test and follow the progress closely. Right now we don't ship this app to our customers, but it looks as if we will soon.

Whats next at Portknox?

Right now we are migrating clouds to our improved infrastructure. As every Portknox cloud is self-contained and isolated this needs to be done from time to time. We have done this in past, too.

Get your Nextcloud free for 14 days

If you want to test your own up2date Nextcloud you can now try for 14 days. 

Learn about

Further improvements to HTTPS encryption for PortKnox clouds

1 min read

Improving the infrastructure and increasing the security for PortKnox and the hosted clouds is an ongoing task. The last days we've accomplished another milestone. New customers will already get the best HTTPS encryption with a SSLab Rating of A+:

Portknox SSL Labs

Existing clouds will be migrated to the new setup during the next weeks, there will be no downtime or interruption. Advantages of the new setup are a faster response to vulnerability and updates. Furthermore, Forward Secrecy is now enabled, which makes it impossible to decrypt the HTTP transfer, even if the private key is stolen from our servers.

Please note that the Internet Explorer on Windows XP does not support this high security configuration. You should therefore update your system as soon as possible.

Improving HTTP security at Portknox clouds

1 min read

We now know that the secret services employ extended eavesdropping techniques to scan and analyze nearly all Internet traffic. This worries us since we want to keep our customers’ data confidential.

We have improved the web server configuration so that all PortKnox Clouds get a "A" Rating at SSL Labs.


Mein digitaler Schutzschild

1 min read

digitaler-schutzschild-540x304Sehr schöne Serie von Zeit online über Privatsphäre, Überwachung, Tracking, Verschlüsselung.

EFF: Encrypting the Web with HTTPS

1 min read

Read why HTTPS is so important. Within PortKnox, everything is HTTPS encrypted. If you havent, check out EFFs HTTPS Everywhere extension for Firefox and Chrome.

Presentation of the FreedomBox

1 min read

Der großartige James Vasile erklärt warum Privacy so wichtig ist und wie die Freedom Box helfen kann. Nehmt Euch die Zeit (51 Minuten, der Rest ist Diskussion), dieses Video ist ein MUST-SEE!

[youtube 9bDDUyJSQ9s]